I offer private oboe lessons at the Musical Offering in Evanston, IL and am also available to travel to students' homes for private oboe and piano lessons. I am currently happy to accept new students!

I began playing piano at age 5 and oboe at age 9 and have played in various ensembles ever since. Four years ago, I began offering private lessons in the Evanston area.

My teaching policy for both oboe and piano lessons is to establish a professional atmosphere while maintaining an element of fun! Music shouldn’t feel like a chore for sprouting young artists, but rather a safe haven where they can learn a new skill without feeling judged or frustrated.

I make sure to keep lessons fun and entertaining while still teaching basic music principals such as proper technique, note-reading, rhythm, and other necessary elements. I teach oboists of all ages, and pianists at beginner-to-intermediate levels.


Lesson Rates:

$50/60 minutes
$35/45 minutes
$25/30 minutes

I also sell reeds to my private oboe students for $20 each. More information regarding my equipment and reed mentality is available in the Reeds section.